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Mrs. Torrelli's has the best wine club for people who love learning about wine. Each month we hand select specific bottles that will not only enliven your Saturday night (or your Tuesday night) but enlighten your knowledge about varietals you may have never tried before.

From the beginner to Chris Stadler, this club aims to please. Each bottle comes with a write up complete with our tasting notes, a food pairing specific to the wine in the bottle (not just the varietal), and a bit about the uniqueness of the bottle- whether it is the grape, the vineyard, the wine-maker, or the story of the winery.

The Pirates Pick

$20 ~ 1 white or 1 red

One of the goals of John Steinbeck’s literature is to expose the intrinsic beauty of the simple things in life. The Pirate’s sincerity is a perfect example of this simplicity.
 He was content within his own reflections. No matter where he was or what situation he found himself in, The Pirate always beheld the beauty within the moment.  The Pirate's Pick is always a treasure.

Danny’s Picks

$40 ~ 1 each white & red
or 2 white or 2 red

Even though Steinbeck describes Danny’s father as comparatively rich, Danny always refuses the luxuries he is afforded. He prefers sleeping in the forest to his own house, and the taste of store bought food never compares to the ecstasy of eating stolen grub. Ownership of the house leaves Danny without the ability to enjoy these pleasures. It isn’t reasonable to sleep in the forest when he has a bed, and there is no need to steal food when the Pirate brings plenty of it every day. But what is reasonable is not necessarily what makes Danny happy.

Pilon’s Picks

$50 ~ 1 bottle of higher quality
white or red

Pilon is a truly beautiful soul. He’s fiendishly quick-witted, a store of knowledge, always ready to share, romantically in awe of nature, and an idealist. Pilon always aims to do what is right and has a very strong conscience. When he’s out doing good deeds, he’s filled with a sense of divine satisfaction. He ungrudgingly shares his Brandy with Danny in the opening chapter of the book, even though brandy is one of the rarest commodities in Tortilla Flat.


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